Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What's the purpose of this blog?

The market is flooded with home entertainment options for families. Unfortunately the numerous possibilities can be confusing for many. This blog will, hopefully, provided information that can help people make decisions about what products will be most beneficial to them. The primary focus will be on dvd's and video games for consoles and PC's. Why? Those seem to be two of the most prevelant forms of entertainment in the home today. When the opportunity presents itself, there may be reviews for other types of products, but movie and game reviews will be the foundation of this blog.

Video games will reviewed on a 0-100% system, while movies will be 0-10. There will also be a comment regarding the recommended audience for each title. Be aware that this is just an individual recommendation and that each person is different and the suggestion may not pertain to everyone. Also be sure to pay attention to the official rating for each title.

Remember, the reviews are merely the opinion of one person (either myself or a fellow reviewer) and should not be considered the final word on a subject. They are merely there as a tool for people to use when trying to figure out which titles might be right for them.

Hope it's useful!

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